A Weekend In

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a home-body. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but sometimes a weekend on the town just seems exhausting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m up for a drink at the local trendy bar, and I’ve had my fair share of late nights out, but sometimes I’d rather snuggle up with a good candle (Voluspa Crane Flower), a movie I’ve seen a time or two before (probably a rom-com) and some snacks (kettle corn popcorn is my weakness). Since having recently adopted a kitten, I’m even more inclined to stay home, needless to stay I’ve been even more of a home-body lately.

These are a few ingredients for a weekend in when you need some time to yourself to recharge.


1.  A To Do List

Okay, hear me out. A night in doesn’t have to consist of laying in bed, channel flipping. I always like to feel that I’m accomplishing something, even if it doesn’t require leaving my apartment. Whether it’s throwing in a load of laundry, while you catch up on the latest episode of Scandal, or catching up with a friend via a phone call, your night in doesn’t have to be completely unproductive.

2.  A Cook Book

 Recently I’ve been trying to diversify my cooking skills. I’ve found a lovely Sunday morning is paging through a cookbook in bed to pick a few recipes for the week, then making a list of the necessary ingredients for the shopping trip I’ll do either later that day or early in the week.

3. A Movie Night

There’s nothing better than a relaxing movie night with snacks and your girlfriends. A weekend in doesn’t mean being anti-social, invite some friends over, peruse the Netflix library and chow down on some popcorn.

4. A Good Workout

One of my favorite part of weekends to myself, is being able to get up early (but not too early), and go for a nice long run. When you weren’t out late the night before it’s easy to get up and throw on leggings and sneakers and get yourself out the door before your brain realizes what’s happening. Starting my day with a run always makes the rest of the day better, I’m more energized and motivated now that it’s been started off on such a great foot.

Think I’m crazy? Or do you enjoy a relaxing weekend in too? Let me know in the comments below.



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