Basic Beauty Finds

There are some beauty brands I’m unwaveringly loyal to (s/o to Dior mascara & Clinique moisturizer) and some I’m willing to experiment with. Lately I’ve tried a few new great products that I can’t just keep to myself.

St. Tropez Self Tan

Summer is around the corner and laying out for the perfect hue will just take too long, fake tanning is a big NO in my book, so I’ve resorted to the world of self tanning. Putting my fears of orange skin and patchy tanned limbs behind me, I set my eyes on St. Tropez. Glowing reviews online recommended I pick up the application glove along with the mousse, and so I did. I’ve been reapplying every few days and have a nice tan that looks natural with my skin tone. 

Essie Gel Setter Top Coat

I have the worst nails in the history of terrible nails. They’re weak, they break easily and nail polish chips almost instantly. I rarely bother to paint my nails at home because I know they’ll chip or break within a few hours, but after picking up Essie’s Gel Setter Top Coat, I have a newfound faith in at-home manicures. Though this top coat doesn’t come out as thick as a salon gel manicure would, the staying power is definitely greater than that of a typical drug store top coat. My manicures last about five days now, as oppose to two days with a typical top coat.

Kylie Lip Kit

So… my obsession with the Kardashians hit an all time high recently when I was finally able to get my hands on a Kylie lip kit. I originally had my sights set on a pink nude, ‘Koko K,’ which sold out almost instantly, so I opted for the bright red, ‘Mary Jo K.’ I don’t typically use a liner with my lipstick, but it definitely helped keep the color set on my lips, rather than on the rest of my face. It’s also incredibly convenient to have the liner and lipstick in a set so I don’t have to go out and find a liner that matches the lip color. The lipstick applied like a gloss, but quickly dried matte. Since the color itself was dry on my lips I wasn’t as self conscious about the color rubbing off on my teeth, or smearing all over my face. Cute. Despite the dry matte color, my lips still felt relatively moisturized throughout the day. Now I’ve got my eyes on the new Kylie Gloss (So Cute) – wish me luck.

What are your most recent beauty finds?



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