Criss Cross

I was admittedly not on board with this trend when I first started catching glimpses of the pirate-esque blouses on my favorite bloggers and celebrities, but something about them has grown on me and I’ve since gotten on board. The trend extends past just lace up blouses though, I’ve got my eye on these Sam Edelman lace up pumps too, and I’ve seen countless other lace up pieces on my Instagram feed.

Anyway I recently ordered this Madewell top online and I’m a big fan. It’s cotton, so it’s a bit more casual than I was expecting but even so very versatile. I wore it with a lace bralette and jeans to a baseball game one weeknight and with a cami underneath and chunky heels to work the next week. Here I styled it for a weekend outing with white Kendra Scott earrings, a Tory Burch Tote and brown Madewell sandals. Now I’m dying to try more criss cross pieces, shoes, shirts… the possibilities are endless.


Shirt [Madewell] // Jeans [J.Crew] // Tote [Tory Burch] // Shoes [Madewell] // Earrings [Kendra Scott] // Fitbit Bracelet [Tory Burch]





What do you think of this criss cross fad?


Photography credit: my fabulous friend Bryce Krzenski


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