I Got It From My Mama

Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mama’s out there!

Unfortunately I couldn’t be with my mom today (I spent last weekend with her instead), but I had lunch with a few girlfriends today and we were talking about how thankful we are for having supportive parents and incredible mothers. We all agreed that mothers are absolutely always right. When you’re younger and living with your parents, their rules and preferences can seem annoying and redundant, but as you get older and live on your own, it’s suddenly clear as day that Mother’s are always right about everything.


Mothers inevitably shape the people we become. Whether it’s pet peeves (loading the dishwasher incorrectly), beauty/fashion preferences (red lipstick and J.Crew), or even the brand of food you buy at the grocery store (Boars Head cold cuts only) we can always see a little bit of our mother in ourselves. Everyday I see something else that ‘I got from my mama.’


I never had any interest in HGTV. I even sat next to the Flip or Flop couple (Tarek & Christina) at a trade show for work, was offered to take a photo with them and declined because I didn’t know who they were. Then my mom came to visit me for a weekend and put on HGTV while we were lounging in my apartment and I became obsessed. I now watch Fixer Upper, Property Brothers and Flip or Flop religiously (kicking myself for not getting that picture, urgh) and am pretty sure I can take on a bathroom remodel on my own at this point.


My mother gave me her great (and expensive) taste in clothing, namely J.Crew, which is 90% of both of our closets. If only we were the same size…combined we would have a dream closet that would rival most of their stores. We even have a few of the same pieces. #Twinning

Country Music

Growing up my mom only listened to country music in the car, therefore for 16 years of my life, I only listened to country music in the car. Those 16 years gave me a preference for country music, specifically the classics…Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and most importantly Keith Urban. Who would’ve thought that those car rides were the perfect prep for my future life down South.



3 thoughts on “I Got It From My Mama

  1. Grandpa says:

    Hi Britt….Well as for the country music, your MAMA possibly disliked the country music I used to play when she was young, as much as you did listening to her play country, but just like some of my music preferences are those of my parents, so too are yours…..it just can’t be anyway else…LOVE YA…GRANDPA


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