The Bachelorette: Ep. 1

The time has finally come ladies (and unabashed men)! The Bachelorette is back, and there’s finally a reason to look forward to Mondays again. I’ve seriously been counting down to the live-tweeting, yelling-at-the-tv, gossip-inducing drama of Monday nights and the season 12 premiere did not disappoint.

**Spoiler alert**

The Gal

Oh Jojo. I’ll admit, she was not my favorite last season. I was rooting for Becca, but I think I can get on Team Jojo this time around. She was so sweet to all the guys on night one, even the strange and slightly awkward ones. (Lookin’ at your Will.) And she seems genuinely ready to meet her husband.

The Guys

Upon first glance of the bachelors, I was not so impressed. But man, did the men bring it for episode one.

Jordan **insert heart eye emoji** I love, I love I love. I feel like everyone (including the producers) will spend the season trying to make Jordan into something he’s not. I mean he does have the perfect back story to be the ‘doing-it-for-the-fame’ contestant, but I just can’t believe that…yet. He seemed so genuine and sweet on night one. I think this is gonna be a Shawn/Kaitlyn situation. Because Jordan is so obviously the guy for JoJo, the producers have to make it not-so-obvious by creating drama with him all season long. But hey, I could be wrong. I did think Olivia was making it far last season…and we all know how that turned out. #LeftOnAnIsland

Okay, enough with the Jordan rant.

Daniel may or may not be a vampire?

Saint Nick I’m confused and concerned and I have a lot of questions.

Coley, Brandon, Evan etc. Why do they creep me out so much?

Chad is like a violent, crazier Olivia. As if that’s possible. He’s definitely going to be the one that all the other guys warn JoJo about. But like on another level…

And now for some superlatives…

Most likely to be the next Bachelor: Chase


Most likely to turn out crazy: Chad


Most likely to be forgotten: Nick S.


Most likely in it for the fame: Chad and/or Jordan (ugh we shall see)


Most likely to stick around (per the producers): Daniel


Most likely to get heartbroken: James Taylor


Most likely to marry Chris Harrison: James S.


Most likely to become a meme: Saint Nick


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As always, it looks like the season will be sprinkled with weirdos and drama. Between the drunkards, nudity and creepy men, episode one in and of itself was a WTF moment. And then there was the whole former-bachelor-interrupting-the-rose-ceremony thing.  I get what they were trying to do with bringing Jake back, but c’mon ABC, cheap shot. That was just silly.

The Favorites

Jordan. Wells, Chase and Ali are okay. Not loving anyone else at the moment.

All in all, great season premiere. I cannot wait to see the drama unfold! Bachelor Nation: What did you think of episode one?!



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