The Bachelorette: Ep. 2

Happy Memorial Day and Bachelorette Monday, Bachelor Nation!

The season premiere is always a whirlwind, between drunken bachelors and cheesy introductions, we don’t really start to get a good feel for the guys until episode two. So tonight’s episode was sure to be a bit more revealing.

***Spoiler Alert***

The Gal

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, JoJo is a bit hung-up on Ben. She brings him up multiple times in this episode. Get over it girlfriend, you’ve got a whole different group of guys here now.

The Guys

So first group date. Chad has a theory that it’s the B-list guys, and I kinda, sorta agree. In a major plot twist the actual firefighter won the firefighting challenge on the group date, so off Grant goes, to some one-on-one time with JoJo and a not so romantic kiss. Poor Wells was tortured throughout this date, after almost dying throughout the less intensive firefighter drill, he gets chosen for the more intensive firefighter drill… good thinking. But apparently JoJo likes men a little out of shape, so he gets the rose. He was so cute throughout it though I can’t blame her.

First one-on-one with Derek? I honestly don’t remember him from the first episode but he’s a cutie! But a bit boring? I’m not discounting him yet though, he’s a genuine guy and not bad to look at either and there’s definitely a connection with JoJo.

Group Date number two was essentially Chad not understanding how the Bachelorette works, and the other guys calling that out. The nagging comment? Bad move buddy. Sure I get the whole not-knowing-what-you-love-about-her-yet thing, but c’mon, have you seen the show? You’ve gotta play the game, and Chad is not playing it right. Side note, still on Team Jordan, and for everyones comments on him name dropping his brother, duh he’s going to mention his brother, it’s an ESPN date. Nobody said anything about Grant bringing up his firefighting experience in the first group date. It’s relevant people. #Haters Moving on, James Taylor’s little note! I can’t, he’s so cute! But I feel like he’s too sweet and is going to get his heart broken at some point.


So Chad is running the show.

Doing pull ups with his suitcase attached to his waist… I mean really? Stealing JoJo before she even gets in the house. #Stalker And actually eating dinner?! Okay, I’ll give him this one, not so strange. But I am laughing that this is the first bachelor they’ve shown actually eating during a cocktail party and it’s a big deal.

The Favorites

Wells, Luke, Derek, Jordan, Chase.

So tell me, what are your thoughts on episode two, Bachelor Nation?



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