Jean Dream

I’ve gone way too long without proper jean shorts. Before purchasing these recently, I only owned one pair of plain old cuffed denim shorts, and they were American Eagle. I felt like a tween in them. So I went out and bought myself a pair of ‘adult denim shorts’ (from J.Crew of course) and I’m obsessed. These are so comfortable, I’ll be living in them on the weekends.

Here I paired them with an embroidered J.Crew tunic and embellished sandals topped off with a nude cross body and field jacket. I’m realizing now this entire outfit is J.Crew, **insert monkey with hands over eyes emoji** I have a problem. Anyway, I wore this outfit recently for a Saturday exploring the local Farmers Market. I picked up some local gouda cheese (literally amazing), and some sunflowers while snacking on some roasted corn. A successful Saturday if I do say so myself.


Top [J.Crew old, similar herehere and here] // Shorts [J.Crew] // Bag [J.Crew old, similar here] // Shoes [J.Crew Factory] // Jacket [J.Crew]




What do you think of denim shorts? Strictly for tweens or acceptable on adults too? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Jean Dream

  1. officiallykim says:

    Completely acceptable!! And I totally know what u mean about finding the perfect denim shorts! I got a really nice pair from Joes Jeans and they make me feel the appropriate age lol


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