Basically Brittany is a platform for anyone (non-basics included) looking for a little inspiration.

I confess. I’m a bit basic. I like pretty Instagrams, Starbucks Acai Refreshers and Taylor Swift. So what? These things also make me happy. So I started a blog about them. (Well not just those three things, but you get the point.) I think Lauren Conrad said it best.

“I probably am pretty basic. But I’m also a pretty happy person, so that’s okay with me.”

 About Me


I’m Brittany, the author of ‘Basically Brittany’. I’m an East Coast girl, born and raised in New York. I’m a lover of pop culture, sweet iced coffee and a good manicure, and I’m almost always up for a doughnut.

I’m a self proclaimed social media junkie. After spending afternoons catching up on my favorite bloggers latest posts, I’d admittedly become a tad obsessed. Blogs are not only where I’d learn about new beauty products and the latest sale, but also where I found commonalities with women I’d never met, but nonetheless feel a connection with. Whether over a love of J.Crew or the thoughts of an introvert, I’m able to relate to a social media specialist in NY, or a lifestyle blogger in TX, miles away. These women have inspired me to dress to impress, to travel the world and to be a #girlboss. So I started my own blog to hopefully inspire a few others.

I hope ‘Basically Brittany’ inspires you. Thanks for stopping by!



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